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About Varsha Agrotech & Our Journey

History Of Varsha Agrotech

We started our journey in bellary. Surrounded by farming communities, this area has proven to be an ideal place for growing top-notch gherkins. Our processing unit is cleverly placed in Chornur Hobli, Chikkakereyaginahalli Road, Sandur Taluk, ensuring it's close to our committed contract farmers.

At Varsha Agrotech, we take pride in being a distinguished player in the gherkin industry, committed to delivering top-quality produce through a seamless process of production, processing, and export.

Certified Manufactures & Exporters

When you choose Varsha Agrotech, you're choosing certified goodness.

Our commitment to excellence is underlined by the certifications we’ve earned for our product. Recognizing the dynamic nature of our industry, we operate nearly 365 days a year. Our commitment to meticulous planning and execution is unwavering, as any delay could disrupt our export obligations.We understand the importance of maintaining the trust and confidence of our farming community, which is why we prioritize timely payments and foster strong relationships.

Our Certificates

Quality Certification

We've been awarded the Quality Assurance Certification, ensuring that each gherkin that leaves our facility meets the benchmarks of excellence.

Organic Certification

Our range of certified organic gherkins stands as a testament to our dedication to sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming practices.

Food Safety Certification

Our Food Safety Certification ensures that our gherkin products undergo rigorous testing and comply with the highest food safety standards.

Our Unique Selling Point

We specialize in the production, procurement, processing, and export of fresh vegetables, with a keen focus on value addition. Our approach involves partnering with innovative farmers in the region,

particularly small and marginal communities, providing them with essential resources such as seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. Through scientific farming practices, we’ve created a robust system that ensures quality at every stage. This ensures that only the finest gherkins make their way to our factory, ready to meet the stringent standards required for international export.

Connect With Us

Feel free to reach out to our founder, M Narasimha, for any inquiries or collaborations. You can contact at 

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